Visual Note-Taking

sketch notes by Mike Rohde

Even if you don’t know who Mike Rohde is, you probably know his drawings.  He’s the guy that did the artwork for 37Signals Rework book, and is at the forefront of visual note-taking.

I love visual note-taking because it helps crystallize the essence of a discussion or talk in a way that a scribbled page of notes never can.  It’s creative, it makes the talk easy to digest, and highlights the key points in a way that makes them easy to find and grasp.  In short, I’m a big fan.

In this presentation Mike Rohde shares how to become a visual note-taker.  It’s definitely worth the watch, even if it’s just to get you thinking differently about how you present, consume and record information. You can also get all of his sketch notes from SXSW ’10 as a free iPhone app.

If you like this, and are interested in how you can communicate more effectively through images, you’ll also like Dan Roam’s (author of Back of the Napkin) keynote at the IA Summit which you can listen as a podcast here.

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3 thoughts on “Visual Note-Taking

  1. Mike Rohde says:

    Thanks for the mention, great to see our work popping up all over. :-)

  2. morganb says:

    Thanks Mike for helping us all become better thinkers by learning to process outside the lines. It's helped me tremendously!

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