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YouTube continues to evolve, today announcing the ability to add Google Moderator to your YouTube Channel.  This new feature will let you collect feedback from your YouTube audience while giving them tools to submit ideas and vote the best ones to the top.

From the YouTube blog:

YouTube is about starting a conversation. Every day, hundreds of millions of videos spark dialogues on everything from the future of the African continent, to what should be done about the oil spill, to the best slam dunk of all time. But until now, it’s been difficult to harness those free-flowing discussions.

That’s why, starting today, we’ve integrated the ability to use Google Moderator into every single YouTube channel.

There are a few channels that are using it already as part of the launch, including how-to video creator Howcast.

You can see Howcast’s YouTube channel here and video that accompanies the new moderator feature at the bottom of the post.

If you’re marketing on YouTube this promises to be a powerful way to solicit feedback from your customers and help test and drive new product and service offerings.  This could make YouTube a very powerful customer research and engagement asset for companies looking to make customers more connected and engaged with their brand.

A few ideas:

  • Ask for feedback on how to improve a product
  • Ask what type of support and training materials your customers need
  • Ask for feedback on prototypes or new initiatives

What do you think? How would you use this for your business?

Howcast’s video:

via: YouTube Blog: Google Moderator on YouTube enables real-time feedback from your audience.

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