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Who Still Thinks We Want to See More Ads Online?

fireflyvideo logo

Apparently these guys do.  Firefly is a new company specializing in taking existing pre-roll video ad content and serving it in standard banner ads.  When you roll over them they pop-up a takeover window and play the video ad(s). Which begs the question, is there really a demand to see more pre-roll ads? Does anyone like pre-roll advertising? (I mean, besides the advertisers?)  Typically I find myself surfing Facebook for 30 seconds while I wait for the pre-roll to end.

If you want to engage me, give me something worth watching.  I haven’t clicked on a banner ad intentionally in at least a decade. Even with today’s announcement that streak seems likely to stay intact for another 10 years.

What do you think? Will pre-roll ads in banners make you more likely to click? Watch for yourself and let me know in the comments!

Image from NewTeeVee.

*These are my personal views as always, and not those of my company.

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