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Boost Your SEO with Social Media

Leveraging social media for SEO purposes was a hot topic of conversation at last week’s Pubcon conference in Las Vegas.  And this latest eMarketer report confirms it.  71% of respondents are using social to improve search.

Nearly 71% of respondents said they use social media as part of their SEO strategy. Social media marketing can be an excellent driver of content visibility, by helping to keep content fresh and abundant, and also by increasing the number of inbound links a site receives.

Social isn’t just about connecting with existing customers.  Google and other search engines love blog content, and sharing on Twitter and other sites can build valuable inbound links that give your content the juice they need to get to the top of the search engine results pages.

When you’re using social media for business think about what you want to be ranked for in Google and sculpt your blog content and sharing around those goals.  Look at the top trafficked keywords in your industry by using the keyword suggestion tool, WordTracker and Google Suggest.

Then create things like infographics, videos and compelling blog content will create the natural links that Google loves, helping you reach new customers who are searching on Google.

Here’s what other SEOs are up to, trying to improve search.

SEO activities

via Search Marketers Tap Social to Boost SEO – eMarketer.

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