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Video Search Engine Optimization

A while ago I gave a talk on video search engine optimization, or VSEO.  I never got around to putting it up here on the blog, so I thought, what the heck!  If you’ve ever wanted to learn how video can help your search rankings this isn’t a bad place to start.  I’ll be talking more about video at C.A.R. Expo in Anaheim in October and PubCon in Las Vegas in November.  I hope to see you at either one of these events.



Video Search Engine Optimization: VSEO FTW! from Morgan Brown on Vimeo.

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50% of YouTube Views Come in First 6 Days

Our friends at TubeMogul have an interesting graphic out today that shows that 50% of all YouTube video views occur within the first 6 days of publication.  That’s what happens when nearly 24 hours of new video are uploaded to the site every minute.  TubeMogul suggests that this means you should be uploading content on a regular basis – to always be resetting that cycle for your viewership.

But what about the other 50% of the traffic? And, which traffic is more valuable? The first 50% or the second 50%?  I think it depends.

If you’re a big brand like Toyota or the NBA then that early traffic is probably the most critical.  It’s your brand awareness, viral seeding moment where you get the widest reach and most momentum in any spreadability that’s going to occur around the content.  At SXSW a YouTube representative said that half of viral traffic for a video in the first 48 hours occurs as a result of the video being embeded.

But, if you’re a small business it might be that the last 50% – the long tail – of your video traffic is more important.  That’s because the second half represents people that had to work to find you. They were looking for you specifically or for information about a problem you’re solving.  And while the views are slow and steady it may be that they are the most engaged and higher converting views when compared to the “head” traffic.

Consider Google Adwords.  If you buy the top position in AdWords you certainly get the lion’s share of traffic. But that traffic is often less targeted and lower converting than positions 2-6.  Why? Because with more traffic comes more unqualified people.  But the people who actually read through the ads and find exactly what they’re looking for, while fewer in number, tend to convert at a much higher rate.

I believe that’s an appropriate paradigm to consider when looking at the “back half” of video views on YouTube – particularly for small businesses using video as a lead or customer acquisition tool.

What do you think?

via CHART OF THE DAY: The Half-Life Of A YouTube Video Is 6 Days.

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Small business video marketing – using a call to action

video call to action

I recently had the opportunity to write a guest column about online video marketing over at ReelSEO, and I focused on the importance of including a call to action in your video to encourage viewers to take action after watching.   Whether it’s subscribing to your YouTube channel, sharing the video with a friend, visiting a website or your store; a call to action is critical to creating measurable ROI for your video marketing program.

Here’s an excerpt of HOW TO: Create a Call to Action in Small Business Video, read the rest over at ReelSEO:

A video without a strong CTA is a missed opportunity for a small business looking to create new business from their video marketing. This is an important difference between video marketing for big brands and video marketing for small businesses. A large brand can post a video and use “softer” measures of success such as reach, brand recall, and impressions, but small businesses have limited budgets and success is measured in terms of ringing the cash register.

Image via ReelSEO.

Disclosure: I work for TurnHere. We make and promote video for small businesses.

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Welcome to the YouTube Generation

YouTube 5 Year channel

YouTube turned 5 on Sunday and announced some mind-blowing stats about the service:

The YouTube era is here in full force.  It took the big 3 networks decades to build up their prime time viewership and billions of dollars in expensive show production, talent and other costs.  YouTube did it in 5 years on the back of mostly free content willingly uploaded by ordinary people.


From Wired:

America’s Funniest Home Videos may have pioneered the YouTube concept, but as the site reaches the five-year mark, its audience size is no laughing matter. YouTube’s viewership now exceeds that of all three networks combined during their “primetime” evening time slot, with over two billion views per day, Google announced on Sunday.

Granted, YouTube’s numbers come from worldwide views, while ABC, CBS and NBC broadcast their primetime channels within the United States. But this is a significant milestone nonetheless, and hints at an eventual tipping point when the internet could become the world’s dominant video delivery system, Mark Cuban’s predictions aside.

To commemorate they’ve made a quick video showing some of the highlights over the last 5 years.

Image via Social Times.  Read more at the Social Times: YouTube Exceeds 2 Billion Daily Views And Celebrates 5 Years.

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My Talk on Video Search Engine Optimization

Vanessa Zamora interviews me at Pubcon Dallas

Vanessa Zamora interviews me at Pubcon Dallas

I’m a bit tardy in getting this up, but last month I had the opportunity to speak at Pubcon Dallas on the topic of video search engine optimization.  While video is a hot topic, many don’t realize how important it can be for successful SEO.  In this talk I cover:

  • the three main ways to make video work for your search engine optimization program
  • stats about the online video opportunity when it comes to search
  • best practices on how to make video search engine optimization work for you business

You can learn more about VSEO from my post on video search engine optimization on the TurnHere blog and in this interview at Pubcon. My favorite site for video search optimization information is ReelSEO.com.



Video Search Engine Optimization: VSEO FTW! from Morgan Brown on Vimeo.


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