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Twitter, Comedy and Writing with Constraints

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Conan on comedy writing on Twitter, from one of my favorite blogs, Bobulate:

What’s interesting about Twitter is that because you’re limited to 140 characters … it’s actually a great comedy-writing tool. There’s this economy of words. So I’m constantly writing things, and I run them past [Blair] and he’ll say that’s actually three words over. That forces you to look back at the sentence. It forces you to crystalize your comedy idea, which is fascinating.

The Statusphere is changing the way we’re communicating.  In a world where every character counts, how is your communication evolving?  For me, less is more. Constraints in speech are a blessing.

Want more? Check out Conan’s full interview at Google and The Onion’s web editor, Baratunde Thurston’s Web 2.0 expo talk “There’s a #hashtag for that” below for an in-depth look at how comedy “works” on Twitter.

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