3 Common Air Conditioning Repairs

Your air conditioner is your best friend during the hottest months of summer. But when it stops working, you can feel how much thatir comfort suffers! Fortunately for people in New York City and other areas experiencing high temperatures day after day this year – HVAC contractors have extensive experience handling repair jobs big or small so they know exactly what to do. Here are 3 common situations involving broken AC systems:

Frozen Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coils are situated in the outdoor unit. Refrigerant passes through them and absorbs heat from inside your home, which causes cool air outside to be distributed instead! Sometimes this airflow around these metal ducts is disrupted for some reason – preventing it from receiving its needed warmth or causing ice buildup that prevents absorption; leading you to experience both problems above (blowing warm air).

The solution may include taking care of any clogged filters between uses by brushing off debris like leaves evenly across each surface before replacing with new ones every few weeks

Low Refrigerant Levels

A leaky air conditioning system is never an easy repair to tackle, but luckily for you our team has the know how and experience needed. When your fridge doesn’t work properly because its low on refrigerant it can make things very uncomfortable in that busy home of yours! The best thing we recommend doing before calling us out is topping up with some extra coolant yourself if possible; this will ensure minimal downtime during any repairs since not only must everything be fixed at top efficiency – like always- there needs t balancing levels too after adding more liquid than what was originally circulated through them so

Clogged Drain Lines

The moisture in your home is removed by the system and dispersed from a drain line to an external pan before being drained. Sometimes, when there are blockages or excess flows that have developed over time because of heavy rains, they overflow into places where it shouldn’t be going like below grade level- this can lead to potential damage due bad leaks/mold formation if left unchecked for too long!

If you’re concerned about your heating and cooling system, turn to the team at a trusted air conditioning repair.

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