Morgan Brown is currently the director of social media for ScoreBig, an entirely new way to buy great seats to the sports, concert and theater events you love at 10-70% off retail.

Previously he was the director of marketing for TurnHere, a leading online video production and advertising company based in Emeryville, CA. Over the past nearly 10 years (yikes!) Morgan has been immersed in various roles of marketing and in particular, online marketing.  Morgan is also the co-founder of Social Media Club Orange County and the former publisher of Blown Mortgage, a leading real estate and finance news weblog which he sold in 2009.

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Morgans passion is at the intersection of marketing and technology and the exploration of how the two combine to create new and improved connections between people and companies.  Morgan is an experienced speaker and has given many talks on online and new media marketing and how businesses can leverage new technologies to build customer relationships and increase sales, reputation and loyalty.

Please note the views and opinions expressed here are my own and not necessarily the opinions or strategies of ScoreBig.

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Morgan has been published, quoted or referenced in the following publications:

  • Slate Magazine
  • Los Angeles Times
  • Better Homes & Gardens
  • Orange County Register
  • Bloomberg
  • Wall Street Journal
  • The Village Voice
  • NPR
  • Scotsman Guide

Since Morgan has a hard time talking about himself, here is a recommendation letter from one of his former clients:

Thank you for asking me about my experience working with Morgan Brown. Let me start with the end  To any organization considering Morgan Brown to work on its business, I offer with 100% confidence an unqualified, stellar rating based on over five years of experience at CAC, the marketing organization which represents 6000 producers in California and the industrys $ 1 Billion investment.

The record values we achieved during the time Morgan worked on our business can, in large part, be attributed to his fine work at InterActivate developing one of the top produce websites in the world. That’s what the awards say. That’s what the people in our business say. And, importantly, that’s what the experts in the InfoTech world say. They obviously recognize that E-commerce and Internet programs cannot be successful by using the ubiquitous “cookie cutter” approach so common today.

Morgan’s hands-on management of CAC’s on-line marketing program consistently delivered an outstanding return on investment. Chief among the successes was the development and management of a huge database of loyal avocado lovers who opt to receive over one million recipes a year. This same group of customers has confirmed via surveys that they are preparing the recipes and increasing consumption at a measurable rate. Over 60% have been on our email list for at least two years. They are also sharing recipes with others and driving friends and relatives to the program. Most important, the program has been directly responsible for a significant increase in avocado consumption.

Morgan was also instrumental in the development of our successful Branded Partners program, initiating and facilitating on-line cross-promotions including couponing, sweepstakes, contests, and recipe-sharing. A partial list of program partners includes Sutter Home & Gallo Wines, ReadyPac Salads, McIlhennyTabasco, U.S. Potato Board, National Beef Association, and the 5-A-Day For Health Foundation.

Morgan has a prodigious intellect, and breathes the rarified air of those professionals who can think strategically AND be a master of the execution. From the very beginning of our relationship, Morgan made it his business to know our business. He always brought a fresh and open mind to the process, without preconceived notions about “how it’s always been done, ” and always as a TEAM PLAYER.

Finding qualified executives is easy. Finding talent with the ability to be strategic and creative is another matter entirely. Morgan Brown is an exceptionally talented individual with a unique combination of skills. Clear, too, are his uncompromising standards of professionalism and excellence resting firmly on a foundation of integrity and characterattributes nearly impossible to find today. The enduring trust factor manifest in everything he touchesa notion, really, of honor and loyaltyclearly sets Morgan apart from the mass of ordinary professionals.

It is my honor to recommend him without equivocation, behind my 25 years as a business leader, for employment.

Mark Affleck